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Introducing Dacia Samuels, School Age Childcare Director

Dacia Samuels received her bachelors in Kinesiology from Augustana College, South Dakota and is currently finishing her masters in the same field from the University of Central Missouri. She also completed trainings as an Early Childhood Administrator from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. She has 13 years of experiences working with kids of all ages. A former college track star who was born in Jamaica, she has a very strong athletics background; love sports, the outdoors and enjoy working with kids.

Dacia is very excited about her new journey as Director for the Curiosity Club. She looks forward to creating a positive and fun environment for the students and their families. Her philosophy for childcare is all kids are capable of learning and of achieving success. She believes listening skills are vital to the relationship between the kids and teachers. Her curriculum is designed to help kids will become more motivated, work harder and be more successful while she supports them every step of the way. She promotes internal motivation by praising appropriately and promoting an atmosphere of pride in success. She encourages children to set goals by discussing careers, sports, real life issues, and money matters in order to help them understand the positive impact that maximizing educational opportunities can have on their future endeavors. She understands that when it comes to our new program and supporting your children her role will not only be Director, but also facilitator, life coach, cheerleader, disciplinarian, career counselor, therapist, public relations expert, nurse, computer expert, and administrator. Kids bring with them their attendant joys, fears, pains, pleasures, doubts, confidences, strengths, weaknesses, physical changes and personal stories. There is no other career that requires the level of adaptability as required in childcare. I am up for the challenge and so excited to be working with the children of Newton.

Dacia Samuels

August 2015